Vyva cleaner is an excellent product for cleaning faux leather and textile. It works well for our non-leather products. It is easy, clean, and effci�nt in use. Suitable for daily and periodic cleaning. We advise all our customers to use the Vyva cleaner with their leather free collar, or collars containing the Vyva Fabrics materials.


To be used with:

  • Dinamica Classica

  • SilverGuard

  • Diamonds

  • Hitch

Vyva Cleaner

  • Apply the cleaner to the contaminated area and let it soak for a few seconds. Use a microfiber cloth, sponge, or soft brush to clean the stained part.

    Clean the area after each treatment with a wet cloth. Regulary wash to cloth or sponge with warm/ lukewarm water. (DO NOT use a scourer)

  • Store above freezing point, product doesn't spoil.

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