Keep it cool with Totalcool

The compact air cooling system for all purposes. When your space is limited or you are away from power. Total cool provides you with 45% cooler air in a small form factor (24x26x21cm)

Another hot summer with fursuiting in public?

Take total cool with you with a battery pack (sold separately) and only add water for a quick cool down. A warm trip to the con without airco in the car? The total cool can be used while driving to provide cooler air. It only requires two things: Water and a power supply.

The total cool is designed for cars, campers, boats and other small rooms that require a cool desire. The devices can be fed by 12V, 24V DC or AC (with the included adapters). The Total cool is robust but light and compact. With only 4 watts in it's low setting and 22 watt on high the device is power efficent and can be used as dog cooler in the car while you are away.

the device switches off automaticly in a critical battery voltage so not to drain your batteries.

Total Cool

    • Silent, powerful, moisture-resistant ventilators with more than 70,000 hours of runtime
    • displaces 6,90 m³ /minute of air with a speed of 11 m/s
    • Cools up to 45% (with ventilation) on normal tap water
    • Long-lasting evaporation filter of 800+
    • lighter plug adapter with 4 meters of wire
    • Easy to remove the cover
    • two bi-directional fan openings
    • 4-speed fan
    • Strong and durable and leak proof
    • Useable on moving vehicle
    • Low noise (comparable to a normal car ventilation)
    • inclusive AC adapter for home use
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