We can turn your blunt scissor into a sharp scissor. We do varrious types of scissors for fabric, paper or other. However we can't sharpen scissors that have a serrated cutting edge or any other features.

It's important to sellect the correct type of scissors to be sharpened, your can't cut paper with fabric scissors and via versa.

We offer two options for sharpning the scissors:

  • Reestablish an edge. We copy the existing cutting edge and reestablish it. This will keep the scissors close to factory spec. It's recommended you use this option if you have an factory grindstone you use to touch up the blade.
  • New cutting edge: Sometimes the edge is to far gone or is not set in by the manufactere correctly. We put in a new cutting edge for the job required but it will make the scissors not longer follow the factory standaard. This option is recommended if you have old scissors or want to use them for special applications.

We make sure our scissors are sharp, so take care when handling the scissors and don't touch the cutting blade. Make sure not to cut paper with fabric scissors, this will result in extremely fast bulling of the blade due to the touch cellulose fibers of the paper.

Scissor sharperning

grind methode
  • scissors that have broken tips or large pits can't be resparpened. If your scissor can't be resharpened we will contact you and ship the scissor back to you. We will refund the sharpning service cost but not the shipping cost. If you are unsure if your scissor can be sharpened don't hessitate and contact us with a photo of the scissor.

    1. place your order
    2. Recieve and email with the details where the send the scissor(s)
    3. Ship the scissor(s)
    4. We sharpen them
    5. You recieve an DHL email when we ship them back to you.
    6. Recieve your sharp scissor(s)
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