A blunt knive or a knive with pits results in an fustrating experiance while working. Sharpen your knive to have a more pleasant and safe experiance. We sharpen your knive in a two step process: Grind the edge on a P5000 wetstone, Deburr and buff the edge on a leatherwheel with a fine compount.
Your knive will be delivered with a sharp edge, be safe when handeling the knive after grinding and don't touch the cutting edge. In order to lengthen the service life of your cutting edge don't cut paper with any type of knive other then a Utility or generic knive.

Important is to sellect the correct type of knive you want to sharpen. If you have an order with multiple knives, please mark each knive with the use case before sending them to us.

We offer two main type of sharpening methodes:

  • Reestablish: we reestablish the factory spec cutting edge.  If you have a sharpning tool from the factory we advise you to sellect this option to ensure the correct cutting angle is maintained.
  • New edge: If you want to use a knive for another task, or are not happy with the factory spec we can grind a new edge to the use case you want.

Knive sharpening

Blade lenght
Type of use
grind methode
  • We try our best to sharpen your knive to a razor sharp edge for your application. However a knive could be to damaged to sharpen. if that's the case we ship the knive back to you and refund the sharpning service cost but not the shipping cost.

    We cannot sharpen cheaper chinees knives. In order for a knive to have a good cutting edge to sharpen we need a resonable quality of hardened steel. A lot of cheaper chinees import knives have a soft metal edge or have poor quality of steel that is not hardened correctly. If we attempt to sharpen them, the metal simply fails to form before the edge is established. Even if we manage to sharpen it, the knive would bull within weeks of use.

    If you are unsure if your knive is suitable for sharpening please contact us first.

    Due to the dutch arms laws, we will not sharpen:

    • Swords
    • Dual edges knives
    • butterfly knives
    • knives with an automatic flip mechanism
    1. place your order
    2. Recieve and email with the details where the send the knives
    3. Ship the knives
    4. We sharpen them
    5. You recieve an DHL email when we ship them back to you.
    6. Recieve your sharp knives
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