Information and stock changes

Due to recent issues with international shipping and to clear-up and improve upon our service we are changing some details on our site. Most will be available in the FAQ, Here is an overview of what has changed:

Availability: We currently no longer offer furs that need to be ordered with our suppliers as available and ready to order. Despite what tag is used, these are currently marked as out of stock and not available via our webshop. We still can supply these for larger orders and stores. Contact us for more information.

Products that are temporarily not on stock and are already ordered with our supplier are marked as Back-order. All available stock is marked on stock and is ready to be shipped out with a few days.

Delivery: Affective today we stop all delivery services via UPS and switch to DHL. Recent developments made us switch couriers for a better service.

Delivery price: The price for delivery goes slightly up to cover increased handling costs and packaging. We switch to a more environment-friendly way of shipping. While we always try to recycle and reuse as much as the cardboard we receive. However, we cannot by far do this with all our orders. More environment-friendly cardboard will be bought by us from this point onwards. We empty our supply of the old boxes in the meantime. Our new boxes will have an eco label.


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