As company dutchcolour believes in a fair society with equal chances where everyone gets the help they want and need. That’s why we decided to start the week of the Red cross / Red crescent. In this week from the 3th to 9th of may we donate 10% of our profits to the Dutch Red cross organisation.

Why this date? Because on 8th of may Jean Henri Dunant is born. Henri laid the foundation of the International red cross movement and is seen as the founding father of the movement.

How does this donation work?

If you order something via our website we automatically use the order in our profit calculations for the donations. At the end of the week we look at all orders placed between 3th of may 0:00 and 9th of may 23:59. We take 10% of our profit (Total profit Excluding VAT) and donate this to the Red cross.

If you don’t want to order but you do want to donate, you can do that via:

How am I sure that you donate to the red cross?

After the donation week has ended we publish an anonymized list of all orders that have been placed. The list only contains the date and time of the orders and the total order amount exclusive VAT. This list will be send to the Dutch Red cross organisation who sends us an donation invoice. We will publish this invoice together with a bank transfer proof to the following platforms:

Our Twitter: @dutchcolour
Our Facebook:
Our Telegram channel: @dutchcolourannouncements